In 1994 I had an idea. Believing that food is one of the most powerful languages in not only defining cultures but also in integrating them, I wanted to open a Japanese restaurant that would transcend the traditional way of presenting and thinking of food from my country. Furthermore I wanted to do this in a way that wouldn't send my customers into debt. In August of 2009, after celebrating 15 years in business, I had another idea. I followed my conscience and switched to all sustainable seafood.

At Mashiko we are always trying to create new and interesting ways to interpret Japanese food and sushi. This is an all-inclusive process. You'll never hear traditional Japanese music in Mashiko, because it reminds me of two things: grammar school and death. Believe me you, if you've ever been to an elementary school in Japan... death isn't too bad. So we play new and interesting music that we hope will complement the food.

I want you to try new things and ask questions. I want you to stuff your face. I want you to laugh and enjoy food and life. Please, shut up and eat!