Owner Chef Hajime Sato

Sushi Making Classes

Hajime wants you to try something new! His popular Sustainable Sushi and Sake classes are held regularly at Diane's Market Kitchen. For more information or to register, please click here.

Hajime is the guest sushi chef featured in NuCulinary’s Advanced Sushi Rolling and Nigiri and Sashimi tutorial DVDs.  For more information or to purchase these DVDs, please click here.

knives at Mashiko

Tools of the Trade

The right knife is vital to your cooking success, regardless of the type of cooking you do.  For his knives, Hajime trusts: Korin or Tsubaya

Map of Japan

Where Hajime has been

Hajime was raised in Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan.  Known by Hajime as “the Renton of Tokyo", Utsunomiya is in the super suburbs roughly 100 kilometers north of Tokyo.  Utsunomiya is most famous for the amazing gyoza made there.  Utsunomiya is also well known for the high quality of cocktail bars there.  Hooray for Utsunomiya!

The year he was scheduled to complete high school, Hajime instead took a detour to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  There he attended high school for one year, where Hajime was a key member of their choir.   While in Coeur d'Alene, Hajime improved his English skills, learned about American culture, and ate so much macaroni and cheese that the sight of it still sickens him till this day.

After his time as an exchange student was up, Hajime went home to Utsunomiya where he finished high school and then promptly returned America, this time settling in Seattle.  After gaining a formal culinary education in Seattle, Hajime returned to Coeur d'Alene for extensive hands-on training.  Hajime opened Mashiko Restaurant in September of 1994.  The rest is Japanese and American history.

Aquarium at Mashiko

Aquarium Links

Hajime has been a marine enthusiast for many years.  He currently cares for several fresh and saltwater tanks at Mashiko and at his home.  Please feel free to ask Hajime questions relating to the hobby of keeping fish.  He would love to share his knowledge and hopefully save you from making some of the mistakes he has learned from.

For the best fish, corals, plants, and more in the Seattle area, check out Barrier Reef Aquariums and The Fish Store.

Please note that the staff at The Fish Store can be less than gentle with their customers at times.  Hajime assures you that it is well worth the bullying as they are very knowledgeable beyond even what they offer in the shop.

For a reputable online source of all things aquaria, check out Live Aquaria.

Hajime's Motorcyle


Hajime likes to ride motorcycles.  Fast.  If you also like to ride motorcycles fast and live in the Seattle area, Hajime suggests that you check out: 2Fast - known for hosting track days, they are also one of the top places to learn to be a better rider in the Seattle area.

Buy your Aprilia or Moto Guzzi here.  Hajime does.

Hajime's dog Sharimo and cat Totoro


Hajime would like to encourage all who are able to donate a portion of their time or income to one of these very worthy organizations:

In the Seattle Area:

The Seattle Animal Shelter
The Seattle King County Humane Society


Humane Society of the United States

Better yet, adopt a critter today!

Mashiko toilets


Mashiko has been recognized for having the best bathrooms in Seattle.  You too can have luxury heated toilets with bidets in your very own home by calling the fine folks at Lotus Washington Inc. at (425) 226-3094.

Worth Checking Out

Hajime highly suggests the products and/or services of these gifted Seattleites:

Akiko's Pottery
Akiko’s pottery creations are beautiful and functional.

dane + dane studios
Call Nichole and you too can be the proud owner of fancy photographs and a website.

Diane's Market Kitchen
Try something new! Take a class at Diane's!

Katsu Burger
Hajime made Katsu Burger so you'd have something awesome to eat for lunch.

Explore the fascinating art of lip print reading with Jilly!

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